Go Blog About It.

I can show you some really amazing, life changing things
I can show you really dumb things on the internet


there’s not even anything bad on my camera roll I just don’t want you to see how many selfies I take

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Cute girls ruin my life

Things always come full circle.

Maybe not today or tomorrow or even next year but they always do.

Anonymous said: Hey why did Tate write Taint on the chalkboard? I've heard a lot of different theories and I was wondering what yours was


Honestly no idea.. He’s weird and poetic and hot

It will never change
if you want it to stay the same
I really hate it
but I know it’s hard to choose if you’re chained
and when it’s all you control
‘cause you got nothing else to hold
You’re getting tighter and tighter
It’s getting harder to let it go

I don’t want to know

I just wanna run to you
and break off the chains
and throw them away
I just wanna be so much
and shake off the dust
that turn me to rust
Sooner than later, I’ll need a saviour

Men, mcnuggets and money.

Ancient Gay proverb (via iamianjacob)

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Syracuse is still trying to figure out what hit it.

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